Did you know proper detailing improves and maintains the health of your vehicle? Just like performing regularly scheduled maintenance on your vehicle’s engine improves the life of your vehicle, detailing your vehicle is a cost-effective way to improve the resale value of your vehicle and protect your vehicle. Don’t forget these three main points when having your vehicle detailed.


  1. PAINT HEALTH: Your vehicle’s paint protects the metal underneath. Maintaining the life of the paint protects your vehicle from rust and corrosion that can wreak havoc.
  2. IMPROVED LIGHTING: Clean headlights and taillights help ensure top visibility when you’re driving. Dirt and grime can cause reductions in lighting and impair your ability to see.
  3. WHEEL GUARD: Oils, solvents, brake dust, and other chemicals collect on your tires through daily driving and can contribute to the failure of your wheels.


To help keep your vehicle looking pristine inside and out, we're offering exclusive detailing specials. If you have any questions about having your vehicle detailed or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us at 770-680-1000.